Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis is a common condition in which the cavities around nasal passages (sinuses) become inflamed and swollen.

At Kern Research, we are currently conducting a pediatric clinical trial for people that are suffering from Chronic Sinusitis. Each clinical trial is designed to find specific end results. If you or a loved one has Chronic Sinusitis, you may be interested in one of our, no-cost research Nasal Polyps study

Study Participant Requirements

  • 18 years or older

  • Sinus Inflammation


  • Thick, discolored discharge from the nose or drainage down the back of the throat (postnasal drainage)

  • Nasal obstruction or congestion, causing difficulty breathing through your nose

  • Pain, tenderness and swelling around your eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead

  • Reduced sense of smell and taste in adults

Each clinical trial is designed to find specific end results. The trial can either be for pediatric, adults, or both. There are specific exclusion and inclusion criteria to be met in order to be a candidate in each trial. Compensation is provided to candidates for time & travel.

Qualified participants will receive at no cost:

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  • Investigational drug for your Sinusitis

  • Study-related care from our doctors

  • Compensation for your travel & time

Participate In Our Research

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